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ASN Hosting!  The only company that Trains You, Promotes You, Even Pays You! Gives you the simplest, most effective software for creating your site... If you choose, we can even build it for you! We provide free site language translation, online chat services, an array of free free software and services that can be found nowhere else... 

Free Gifts to Your Visitors!

We even give your visitors powerful incentives to action to help you close the sale or build your customer list...  $100 Dollar Gas Vouchers, MP4 players, Vacations, Video Recorders and more!...  No company anywhere gives you the tools we do!

Specific promotional offers, subject to change without notice.

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Eagle Plus Package 20 40 sites $35.95 Pay Pal
Eagle Package 12 20 sites $24.99   Pay Pal
Basic Hosting Package 6 10 sites $12.95   Pay Pal
Starter Package 2 5 sites $4.95   Pay Pal

New Multi Month Packages to Fit Any Budget!







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Basic- 10 paid yearly


10 sites

$110  Yearly

Basic 10  Paid Bi-Yearly (6 months)


10 sites

$70 Bi-yearly

Starter 5 Domains  Paid Yearly 20 5 sites $43.95 Yearly
Starter 5 Domains Paid (6 months) 12 10 sites $24.95 Bi-Yearly
Starter 2 Domains Paid Yearly 7 2 sites $19.95 Yearly

Included with your hosting service we give you a comprehensive server side, site creation program that is simple to learn, easy to use and absolutely FREE!  You really don't need anything else. 

We give you a comprehensive set of training videos that take you step by step through virtually every aspect of site building, wordpress, php, ecommerce and more.




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Site Set Up Option

After you have ordered your Hosting package, would you like us to create your site for you? 

If so, we have an inexpensive option...

    ASN hosting gives you only great value, free software, FREE incentives to encourage your visitors to buy or try your product or service... As an ASN member, you even earn just because you are an hosting customer...  

    We give you everything you need, including hundreds of pre made site templates to help you create your own professional, profitable, money making website.  We also provide a comprehensive library of training videos that help you create any type of site and and succeed at virtually any aspect of the internet.  We give you all of this, everything you need... and you never have to spend a dime.


But if you've never built a website before and would rather spend your time marketing and building your business and prefer to not deal with the small but normal learning curve, Site Set Up may be for you. 


One Time Set Up Option $25

New Options to Get Your ASN HOSTED Site Set Up Quicker and Easier

Don't Want to Worry About Creating Your Site?

Don’t want to change your DNS Nameservers?

If you prefer, we can do it for you! 

One Time Set Up Option. $25

See below for details.




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For a one time fee of just $25  

(which also pays you 3 points),

we take care of every aspect of getting your site set up. 

Including creating an ASN replica money making page/site for you!


For this one time optional $25 set up fee we will:

·         Point your dns nameservers to our servers, thus creating your web presence.

·         Copy and paste your personal ASN site and your personal coding into the ASN hosted Domain we just created.  This makes your hosted site look and function EXACTLY like your Original ASN site, with every aspect, every link making you money.

o   A visitor clicks on your bankruptcy link, it will still be attached to our servers making sure you are paid.

o   A visitor clicks on your Mortgage link, it will still be attached to our servers making sure you are paid.

o   A visitor clicks on your signup link, it will still be attached to our servers making sure you they are in your Group.

·         Plus, because it is YOUR site on your ASN Hosted Server, you have complete flexibility to edit or add to it in any way that you choose and at any time that you choose.

Why an ASN Replica Site?

Many of our members use ASN hosting because it allows you  to operate several sites for one low cost.  They will operate one site, let's say for their personal blog or sales site... then they use site set up to create another, site with the flexibility to consolidate ASN with other products, companies, affiliate programs, ad sense, etc... It gives them the ability to combine their ASN business with other existing or contemplated business ventures.  ASN hosting makes it easy to put all your promotions and online opportunities into one site and actually get paid for doing it!



or pay below via Paypal

To provide the information we need to set up your site, change your dns name servers, provide your server side software, etc... please provide the information requested in this link.

Site Set Up Option